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Following is the list of programs based on the search criteria. Click any program name to view details or to apply. If you would like to request information from our staff about programs matching the search criteria you have selected, use the Request Info button.
You searched for Outgoing programs within any term, having (Type of Program equal to 'XU Semester'), sorted by Program Name in descending order.

Program search results
Program search results
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Xavier's STEM in London London United Kingdom Europe
USAC Uruguay: Montevideo - Spanish Language, Agribusiness, Viticulture, and Gender Studies Montevideo Uruguay South America
USAC Thailand: Khon Kaen - Southeast Asian Studies, Health, and Wellness Khon Kaen Thailand Asia
USAC Thailand: Chiang Mai - Southeast Asia Culture, Politics, and Business Chiang Mai Thailand Asia
USAC Sweden: Växjö/Kalmar - Undergraduate and Graduate Courses Vaxjo Sweden Europe
USAC Spain: Valencia - Spanish Culture, Language, and STEM Disciplines Valencia Spain Europe
USAC Spain: San Sebastián - Spanish Language, Basque, Psychology, and European Studies San Sebastian Spain Europe
USAC Spain: Madrid - Spanish Language, Art, and Spanish & European Studies Madrid Spain Europe
USAC Spain: Bilbao/Getxo - International Business and Spanish Language Studies Bilbao Spain Europe
USAC Spain: Alicante - Spanish Language, Linguistics, European, Mediterranean, and Gender Studies Alicante Spain Europe
USAC South Africa: Stellenbosch - Undergraduate Courses Stellenbosch South Africa Africa
USAC Scotland: Stirling - Undergraduate Courses Stirling United Kingdom Europe
USAC Scotland: St. Andrews - Undergraduate Courses St. Andrews United Kingdom Europe
USAC Portugal: Lisbon – Undergraduate Courses Lisbon Portugal Europe
USAC New Zealand: Auckland, Palmerston North, Wellington – Undergraduate and Graduate Courses Auckland New Zealand Australia/Pacific Islands
Palmerston North New Zealand Australia/Pacific Islands
Wellington New Zealand Australia/Pacific Islands
USAC Netherlands: The Hague - Undergraduate Courses The Hague Netherlands Europe
USAC Korea: Seoul – Korean and East Asian Studies (Yonsei University) Seoul South Korea Asia
USAC Korea: Seoul – Korean and East Asian Studies (Kookmin University) Seoul South Korea Asia
USAC Korea: Gwangju - Undergraduate Courses Gwangju South Korea Asia
USAC Japan: Nishinomiya (Osaka/Kobe Region) - Contemporary Japanese Language, Culture, and Society Osaka Japan Asia
USAC Japan: Nagasaki - Japanese Language, Society, and Culture Studies Nagasaki Japan Asia
USAC Japan: Hiroshima - Undergraduate and Graduate Studies Hiroshima Japan Asia
USAC Italy: Viterbo - Intensive Italian Language, History, and the Arts Viterbo Italy Europe
USAC Italy: Verona - International Business, Tourism, and Italian Studies Verona Italy Europe
USAC Italy: Torino - International Business, Politics, Architecture, and Italian Studies Torino Italy Europe
USAC Italy: Reggio Emilia - Education, Health, Communications, and Italian Studies Reggio Emilia Italy Europe
USAC Israel: Haifa - Undergraduate and Graduate Courses Haifa Israel Middle East
USAC Ireland: Cork - Undergraduate Courses Cork Ireland Europe
USAC India: Bengaluru – Culture, Society, and Global Perspectives Bangalore India Asia
USAC Ghana: Accra - African Studies, International Development Studies, and courses offered directly by the University of Ghana Accra Ghana Africa
USAC Germany: Lüneburg - German Language, European and Sustainability/Environmental Studies Luneburg Germany Europe
USAC France: Pau - French Language and European Studies Pau France Europe
USAC France: Lyon - French Language, Art History, and Francophone Studies Lyon France Europe
USAC England: Reading - Undergraduate Courses Reading United Kingdom Europe
USAC England: London - Undergraduate and Graduate Courses London United Kingdom Europe
USAC England: Bristol - Undergraduate Courses Bristol United Kingdom Europe
USAC England: Brighton - Undergraduate Courses Brighton United Kingdom Europe
USAC Czech Republic: Prague - Politics, Culture, and the Arts Prague Czech Republic Europe
USAC Costa Rica: San Ramón - Life Sciences, Spanish Language, and Culture San Ramon Costa Rica Central America
USAC Costa Rica: Heredia - Spanish Language, Ecological, and Latin American Studies Heredia Costa Rica Central America
USAC China: Shanghai - Chinese Language and International Business Shanghai China Asia
USAC China: Chengdu - Chinese Language and Culture Chengdu China Asia
USAC Chile: Santiago - Spanish Language, Latin American Cultures, Journalism, and International Studies Santiago Chile South America
USAC Australia: Melbourne, Geelong, Warrnambool - Undergraduate and Graduate Courses Geelong Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
Melbourne Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
Warrnambool Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
USAC Australia: Gold Coast and Brisbane - Undergraduate and Graduate Courses Brisbane Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
Gold Coast Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
University of Minnesota: MSID Thailand Chiang Mai Thailand Asia
University of Minnesota: MSID Senegal Dakar Senegal Africa
University of Minnesota: MSID Ecuador Quito Ecuador South America
Università Cattolica: Semester in Milan, Italy Milano Italy Europe
The Beijing Center Beijing China Asia
Spring Hill College Italy Center Bologna Italy Europe
South Africa Service Learning Cape Town South Africa Africa
Saint Louis University in Madrid Madrid Spain Europe
Maynooth University: Semester in Ireland Maynooth Ireland Europe
Maastricht University: Public Health & Medicine in Europe Maastricht Netherlands Europe
Maastricht University: Psychology & Neuroscience in Europe Maastricht Netherlands Europe
Maastricht University: Politics, Law and International Relations in Europe Maastricht Netherlands Europe
Maastricht University: Humanities & Social Sciences in Europe Maastricht Netherlands Europe
Maastricht University: Business & Economics in Europe Maastricht Netherlands Europe
Loyola Vietnam Center Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam Asia
Loyola University Rome Center Rome Italy Europe
James Cook University: Semester in Australia Townsville Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
ISA EuroScholars: Research Study Abroad in Europe Geneva Switzerland Europe
Leiden Netherlands Europe
Leuven Belgium Europe
Munich Germany Europe
FU Best: Frei University Berlin Germany Europe
Casa Belize Belize City Belize Central America
Bangor University: Semester in Wales Bangor United Kingdom Europe
Augsburg CGEE: Social Work in a Latin American Context Cuernavaca Mexico North America
Augsburg CGEE: Peace, Justice, and Community Engagement San Jose Costa Rica Central America
Arcos Learning Abroad in Oaxaca, Mexico: Semester & Academic Year Oaxaca Mexico Central America
Arcos Learning Abroad in Heredia, Costa Rica: Semester & Academic Year Heredia Costa Rica Central America
Arcos Learning Abroad in Granada, Spain: Semester & Academic Year Granada Spain Europe
Arcos Learning Abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina: Semester & Academic Year Buenos Aires Argentina South America
Arcadia in London London United Kingdom Europe
AIFS Study Abroad in Paris, Sorbonne: Semester or Year (Fredin/Peter award winners only) Cannes France Europe
Paris France Europe
AIFS Study Abroad in Paris, ILCF: Semester or Year Paris France Europe
AIFS Study Abroad in Grenoble, French Language and Culture: Semester or Year Grenoble France Europe
UARM Semester in Peru Lima Peru South America